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SOCOODEIFE inclusive leadership

SOCOODEIFE takes into consideration individual characteristics such race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, ability, and sexual orientation of each member in moving forward as an organization.

This is only the first step in creating a positive impression about an inclusive organization.

SOCOODEIFE’ inclusive leaders embody a leadership approach that leads to appreciation of variety and invites and welcomes every woman’s individual contribution. It encourages full engagement of each member of a team with the processes of decision-making in implementing a project.

Benefits of SOCOODEIFE's  Inclusive Leadership

SOCOODEIFE’s inclusive leadership has a long way to go to value the inherent dignity of every woman. It must start with recognizing their needs and acting appropriately to fill those needs.

Inclusive leaders have learned to share their heavy load of responsibilities. Delegating responsibilities releases them from the burden of full liability and obligations towards every member. This more likely enhances their performance. This can positively influence every woman’s mind set as she gets involved in a team project.

SOCOODEIFE Organization leaders

On one hand, the women who are leading feel valued as human beings. They feel empowered to attain their full potential. On the other hand, leaders can effectively work in conjunction with the talents and abilities of their followers.

SOCOODEIFE leaders can respond positively to eliminate some challenges confronting the African women in a time of economic discrepancy and work soul and body for the equal distribution of resources.

SOCOODEIFE exert efforts to encourage and include women by trying to implement various programs that women can lay hold of and benefit from. These include capacity-building and vocational training with the main purpose of uplifting the livelihood of women.

SOCOODEIFE’s inclusive leaders create a safe working environment. They construct an atmosphere of trust and acceptance where women are not labelled.

The inclusive leaders allow for moments of uncertainty and they are prepared to be surprised and to change their strategy in accordance with their current situation.

The impact of making the journey towards the inclusive leadership can be minor or major, depending on where women currently stand in their leadership role and what approach they take.

SOCOODEIFE woman empowerment

To avoid inequality and attain strong relationships among themselves SOCOODEIFE inspires every woman member to observe a high level of integrity. It inspires each and every one to act as a role model for every woman in Africa.

Leaders set fine examples for others to follow in order to create the greatest inclusive surroundings within the organization.

With everyone on board, this is certainly  an attainable goal. 

SOCOODEIFE’s inclusive leadership has the courage to take conscious steps to break down barriers that exclude people from society.
The aim of SOCOODEIFE’s inclusive leadership is to create, change and innovate while balancing every woman’s needs.
socoodeife inspires each woman to act as a role model for every woman in Africa.

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