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SOCOODEIFE has been actively giving assistance to those in need since it was first created in 1982. We have undertaken numerous Relief Projects, big and small, not only in the DRC but also in the neighbouring countries, benefiting thousands of recipients.

We have provided these numerous assistance out of the reserved funds built up mainly from the contributions of our generous and caring members.

While these assistance projects have been afforded to individuals and whole families who are in dire need in order to survive, SOCOODEIFE has also placed special emphasis on helping widowed women and orphaned children.

Our organization is committed to helping the inhabitants of the Fizi region as well as the neighbouring areas and even countries needing assistance. And we will continue to do so to the best of our ability.


Depending on the availability of funds, SOCOODEIFE has the following future relief projects lined up which it hopes to remain in place for as long as the organization is in existence:

1. Bring Relief to Sufferers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases: 

Identify 1000 women suffering from sexually transmitted diseases to a debilitating degree, as a result of rape, within the nearby villages where SOCOODEIFE operates.

SOCOODEIFE will fund the health care associated with curing or stabilizing the physical conditions of these women so that they can improve their quality of life and look after themselves and their family.


2. Give School Supplies: 

Identify 1000 of the poorest families with children who have no way of procuring educational material/supplies and school clothes.

SOCOODEIFE will provide these school supplies to them for the whole school year. And depending on availability of funds to continue to provide these school necessities yearly thereafter, until the children’s families acquire the means to provide for them or they finish required education.

Education for children Africa

3. Provide Shelter:

Identify the 1000 families who either homeless and absolutely have no means of building a home for their family or those who have severely damaged homes but have no means of repairing them.

SOCOODEIFE will provide needed material and manpower,  to help build/repair the homes of these families.

African village home

4. Medical Missions to the Villages:

Organize medical missions to the remote villages by enlisting the help of volunteer medical practitioners (doctors, nurses, health aide, dentists and others) and provide medical consultations and remedy for ailments of various sick patients.

SOCOODEIFE will organize dispensing of medication for patients who need these medications on a short-term and long-term basis.

Medical Mission to African villages

5. Provide Means of Livelihood:

The lack of means of livelihood creates a vicious cycle of poverty and crime. The Eastern Region of the DRC has rich natural resources, but tragically, majority of its inhabitants are trapped in deep poverty.

SOCOODEIFE aims to create and provide initial funding for livelihood projects such as:

  • Vegetable farming on a family level and community level
  • Animal farming on a family level and community level
  • Women Craft Workshops (weaving, knitting, pot-making, painting, etc)
  • Fishing equipment supplies and skills instruction
  • Trade Workshops and Training
Livelihood from SOCOODEIFE

6. Feed the Hungry: 

Poverty will always continue to haunt the majority of the inhabitants of the Fizi Region. And unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to engage in livelihood activities, or earn a living. 

SOCOODEIFE will provide food to alleviate hunger. Such recipients will include widowed women suffering from a debilitating disease and with young children to look after, orphaned children, disabled persons, the elderly who have no one to look after them. 

SOCOODEIFE feed the hungry Africa

7. Practical Proper Hygiene Instruction:

While malnutrition is a major cause of diseases, improper hygiene is also majorly implicated in the spread of diseases.

SOCOODEIFE will provide Proper Hygiene Education through experts lectures in from village to village and use instructional videos to educate the residents about avoiding diseases through practical and doable hygiene practices.

Proper Hygiene


Ongoing Projects

SOCOODEIFE currently continues to pursue and put into effect the following assistance by means of these ongoing Projects:

  1. Economic Empowerment to Reduce Domestic Violence
  2. Information Technology (Providing Children’s Laptops)
  3. Arts, Entertainment and Recreation Centre
  4. Education
  5. Health Care
  6. Food and Shelter
Past Projects

The numerous projects SOCOODEIFE has engaged in in the past have included providing assistance
in the areas of:

  1. Fishing
  2. Animal Breeding/Farming
  3. Agriculture
  4. Education
  5. Health Care
  6. food
  7. Clean Drinking Water
  8. Shelter







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