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Rape Victim Africa

A SOCOODEIFE woman member influences her communities to assist and support survivors of sexual violence and create the circumstances in which the desired change toward gender equality can take place. 

For many women in the African society, being a victim and witnessing sexual assault and harassment transpiring on a daily basis have proved to be a catalyst for change in their attitude, prompting them to vigorously push for change. 

Binwa Iddi
SOCOODEIFE Woman leader
Binwa Iddi (center) and her team
The women in the focus groups within the SOCOODEIFE organization play a leadership role in the implementation of gender-based analysis of the effects and consequences of sexual assault. 

Recognizing these adverse consequences of harassment, women work even harder now to drive the concept of equality for all women in Africa by focusing its efforts in three priority areas:

*increasing women’s economic security and prosperity

*encouraging woman’s leadership and democratic participation

*ending gender-based violence

Victims of Sexual Assault Africa

Sexual Assault Impact

The impact and consequences of violent Sexual Assault vary from woman to woman and is influenced by the length of time and seriousness of the offensive behavior. People, overall, react to harassment by exhibiting symptoms of increasing distress.
Rape Victims Africa

A woman can frequently experience some or all of these responses to harassment:

  • Loss of self-confidence

  • Feeling demoralized

  • Feeling humiliated

  • Sense of intimidation from the harasser

  • Outbursts of misplaced anger

  • Loss of sleep and appetite

  • Increased anxiety or panic attacks

  • Isolation, withdrawal, illness, depression
Impact of Sexual Assault

Patriarchal gender norms and is one of the driving factors that foment violence against women and young girls. In various parts of the African continent, women and girls continue to endure sexual abuse.

Deplorably, some countries in Africa currently have absolutely no applicable laws to protect women and girls from sexual assault. Accounts of women and girls experiencing physical or sexual violence continue to pour in and being recorded by the organization.

Therefore, SOCOODEIFE needs to achieve more progress by explaining the benefits of aggressively pursuing initiatives that would counter  sexual violence.

Progress towards gender equality and empowerment of women and girls in the development agenda requires a human rights-based approach in Africa.

To pursue SOCOODEIFE’s vision of gender equality and girls’ empowerment for all of Africa, women and men are equally heard and valued.

More than ever, women and girls need a solid springboard from which they can launch and propel themselves safely and securely
within a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable Africa.


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