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Socoodeife Forms "Youth and Future Generation" Group

30 October 2022

During the meeting of the Socoodeife committee, conducted between 26-28 October 2022, it was agreed to organize a "Youth and Future Generation" group, which will consist of a panel of three defenders of children and young adolescents. All panelists believe that there will be many opportunities for children to join this group and hope that it will strengthen the voice of the children and young adolescents and raise awareness for groups supporting women's initiatives and women's rights in DR Congo and Burundi.

They confirm that they will take this responsibility very seriously. They want to reassure our communities that they are working hard - every day - to make our generation a safe generation where all children can learn, build friendships and feel a strong sense of belonging to their community.

This type of work will rely heavily on the wisdom and skills of all Socoodeife members in all the countries where they operate. They will place particular emphasis on helping women and children discover their skills and talents, learn about their rights and the resources available to them, and be freed to realize their full potential.

All meeting attendees added the following benefits to creating this group. “We absolutely want to see our generations smile, to see the beauty of our generations alive again, to see the families affected by all kinds of violence filled with joy, that everyone breathes fresh air of skills development, improved mental health for all, that our generations are protected from all risks of violence, enjoy all our resources, and that our community is a safe and healthy place for all where the well-being is not affected by any form of residents who are never alone."

This is due to so-called orphaned children whose parents and family members died in war, children whose parents are forced to join armed groups, incarcerated, the child or their family is rejected by the community due to disobedience to custom, have trouble with the law, or have been or are involved in the justice system.

They discussed the elimination of all forms of different treatment of certain people because of their race, color and the need to take special measures to ensure that children of African descent are equal in their human rights and do not suffer from inequality and poverty. They added that groups must take steps to ensure that children from Afro-descendant communities do not have to do work that is dangerous or harmful to them, that they have access to education and that 'they are not victims of injustices such as bullying or harassment. They reached a key agreement that will be embraced by members who have pledged to protect anyone whose national or ethnic origin disenfranchises them, whether willingly or unknowingly. They also established what children and future generations can be, do or have because they are human beings.

One child panelist, Charlottes Shabani Calvin, said: "We all have these human rights, no matter who we are or where we live. And we all have equally important ones (e.g. the right to life, to education or privacy and take action to end these practices in our communities)." To conclude "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights."

Socoodeife committee members meeting conducted between
26-28 October 2022

Success of Women and Children’s Initiatives

12 August 2022

SOCOODEIFE still acts in rural areas in the South Kivu region, in the Republic Democratic Republic of the Congo by supporting its cooperatives and other social initiatives.

With its support from its own resources and the contribution of its loyal members, 184 jobs (including 67 permanent) have been created since the start of the program.

SOCOODEIFE 's partners are its members who also lead in the important advocacy and awareness-raising work to ensure that policies are more favorable to family farming. SOCOODEIFE also supports 27 health mutuals communities, accompanied by WOMEN’S ORGANIZATION FOR FIGHTING POVERTY AND SEARCHING FOR RIGHTS (OFECORE) in the 5 sectors of South Kivu, celées of NGANJA, MUTAMBALA, LULENGE, TANGANYIKA and ITOMBWE, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The environment in which mutuals operate remains difficult. COOPERATIVE FOR THE SUSTAINABLE PROMOTION OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN DIFFICULTY (COOPDFED), even if it offers poor quality services, is maintained by the State and continues to compete with mutuals. Nonetheless, they succeeded through awareness-raising and community anchoring actions, to increase their workforce by 35% in 2021.


I am a farmer and a member of the cooperative ACTION DES FEMMES AGAINST HUNGER AND DEVELOPMENT (AFCD).

With SOCOODEIFE, I undertook integrated agriculture and livestock projects and then I saved 30,000 francs Burundian to start a bakery.

At the beginning, I had a lot of worries: during baking, the oven became too hot and calcined the loaves. I talked about my problem with SOCOODEIFE who trained me to improve the quality of the bread and granted funding of 400,000 Burundian francs with which I was able to build a modern oven, buy a bicycle for transporting bread and 50kg of wheat flour.

Today I earn enough to pay rent and wages of my four employees.

Youths Learn Planting RiCE Skills
Through Socoodeife Funded Project

28 July 2022

A total of 300 youths participated in a rice-planting skills enhancement project spearheaded and funded by Socoodeife in Ruzizi Plain in the village of Kiliba, Democratic Republicof Congo. This project was conducted from November 2021 to April 2022.

The participating youths were taught basic knowledge and skills in planting rice – one of the staple crops in this region.

The participants were composed of two groups. One group is made up of 130 students between the ages of 17 to 21 and the other group is made up of 170 students between the ages of 19 to 24.

The objective is to help these students to learn and apply appropriate agricultural techniques and methods to maximize crop yield. This project also aims to generate food to help the elderly who live in the area and care for orphans.

The project was coordinated and facilitated by Socoodeife member Omari Wilondja Lous.





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